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The Importance of Collaboration and Mentoring in Dog Training

Two years ago, I opened a dog walking and pet sitting business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was shocked at how few people wanted to network, discuss business ideas, share techniques or have a dialogue about issues in the industry and how to address them. Everyone was protective of how they did business and their “turf”— completely different from my training in the healthcare field….

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Research Report: Dog-Dog Aggression in the Household

Canine housemate aggression is a serious behavior problem in many dog households. Accurate reporting of the incidence of housemate aggression is challenging. Few owners report fights between housemates to the veterinarian. Presentation for bite wound care is often the first indication to the veterinary staff of housemate aggression. The medical prognosis for a level 3 bite is good, yet there is little information on the behavior prognosis for a situation where intra-household aggression has resulted in a level 3 bite.

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Creating a Better Law to Protect People From Potentially Dangerous Dogs

In 1993, all dogs with a pit bull-like appearance were banned overnight in the Netherlands by a law called the “pitbullwet.” In 2009, the law was repealed, and since then the Dutch government has been faced with a dilemma: How to maintain the public’s feeling of safety, as well as their actual safety from high-risk or potentially dangerous dogs, ideally without creating legislation that is unfair or excessively expensive to implement….

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Using Dog Training Tools for Myself During a Pandemic

t’s 10 p.m. on a Sunday night. I’m out on our block in Brooklyn with my dog, Eddie, for a final pee before bed. The fireworks started a few moments after we got to the sidewalk. They’re farther away than they were the night before but the booms are big and coming at almost (but not quite) regular intervals. Just as we begin to recover from one, the next one happens….

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A Different and Artistic Angle on the Intellect of Dogs

However well you navigate the endless rabbit hole of social media, you’ll no doubt notice that pet photography in all its forms has blossomed there. Pet selfies, pet portraits, funny moments, model pup poses, and all the loving candid moments in between — our pets have managed to flood our camera rolls and bring boundless joy and laughs to whomever is fortunate enough to catch a glimpse….

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Why Animals Need Trainers Who Adhere to the Least Intrusive Principle: Improving Animal Welfare and Honing Trainers’ Skills

A typical debate about negative reinforcement is something like a train wreck — you don’t want to stare but you can’t look away. Some trainers argue negative reinforcement has a place in animal training; others say it does not. With some recent interest in the animal training community in the basic research on negative reinforcement, it’s a good time to check our understanding of why…

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