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Separation-Related Problems in Cats

Cats often suffer from the perception that they are the easier option, the “set it and forget it” pet that requires less attention and is less impacted by our absence. In reality, they are complex individuals who are capable of forming deep social attachments and are susceptible to the potential consequences of forming close bonds, including experiencing separation related problems (SRP)….

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Working With Cats After the Camp Fire

Under the current pandemic crisis, I am reminded that the best resilience is built through humor. Although I lost my full-time employment to social distancing ordinances, I am hoping these shifts will bring lasting positive change to my career and to society at large…

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Cat Reintroductions via Online Consultations

I did more virtual cat behavior consultations in March, April, and May of 2020 than I had done in my previous four years of consulting. I feel that I’ve really improved regarding being efficient at getting and giving information! In this article, I will share some tips on planning the virtual consult and coaching the client, in particular during the reintroduction of two cats who were previously separated due to conflict….

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