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Separation-Related Problems in Cats

Cats often suffer from the perception that they are the easier option, the “set it and forget it” pet that requires less attention and is less impacted by our absence. In reality, they are complex individuals who are capable of forming deep social attachments and are susceptible to the potential consequences of forming close bonds, including experiencing separation related problems (SRP)….

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Target Training for Horses: Hit or Miss?

As trainers, we strive to be better practitioners of clicker training while also communicating its benefits to a wider audience. We know that training in the real world outside of a science laboratory brings its own difficulties, and we are always developing creative solutions to the unique challenges our clients and their animals face….

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Five Ways to Protect Your Behavior Consulting Business

Are you thinking of opening your own business as a behavior consultant? Maybe you already have, or you are working as an independent contractor? Being your own boss has a lot of advantages, but there is heavy responsibility as well. Owning your own business is risky, but there are some things you can do to manage the risk….

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